Rug Repairs

Rug Repairs: Hand Rug Wash repairs any type of rugs and carpets including Persian , Oriental , Turkish, Afghan , kashmir,Pakistan, African, Tuneshian, Moroccan,Nepal, Indian,chinese, Silk,Wool , Australian Designer, sisal , jute, Sea grass, bamboo silk, Leather, skin rugs, felt ball, shaggy, modern , hand made machine made rug ,hand tufted, hand waving, flokati, carpet , kilim or any kind of floor cover that is not attached with the floor.

Silk Rug Fringe Repairs : re tidy up the fringes of a pure silk hand waved rug .

Persian rug repairs:

If you have a persian rug , runner or kilim that corner , side or Fringe coming a part we repair it inexpensive way and the result will look excellent and looks very similar . We also hand repairs services.

vintage Kilimanjaro Repairs :

Hallway runner Repairs:
A hallway rug re edging from dog play

Hand tufted rug repairs: Wool rug with cotton backing tufted rugs repairs and resize.

Rug Carpet spot repair:


Type of Rug Repairs : we do any type of rug repairs including rug hole repair , rug reweaving,  rug overlocking, Binding, Rug Fringing , Rug fringe Repair, Rug waving, Rug Resizing, Rug Joining, Rug pad adding, stop rug sliding, Rug moth protection, Rug Urine Repair,  Moth damage repair, rug re backing or any kind of small or big repairing including rug spot cleaning ,rug stain removing .

Persian Rug Repairs: if you have a Persian or any kind of persian style hand waved rug including Turkish, silk , nepal, chinese, oriental tuneshian, moroccan, african , afghan, indian rugs that missing part of the rug ,we can do the repair for you .


Rug Overlocking: Hand Rug Wash Overlocks rugs and carpets with any kind of rug any degree of overlocking including round, squire, rectangle, triangle or any shape that your rug, carpet, marine carpet, kitchen rug, car carpet or any material that is carpet kind of , we can do the overlocking for you.

Rug Binding : We do Rug binding repair or new rug binding with many kind of rug tape width to match with rug size, color and material of the rug including Sisal, Wool, sea grass, leather, patch rug , normal wall to wall offcut carpet or any type of rug that you want to get the binding done including adding rug pad with binding or just rug  binding.

Making Rug Flat :

Rug Fringe Waving: We have Rug fringe waving machine that can wave different length of rug fringe to adjust with rug size and we have big range of yarn that you may like something to mach with your rug.


Rug Repair Services : 

Rug Cleaning Service:

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  • Silk Rug Repairs
  • Sisal Rug Repairs
  • Jute Rug Repairs
  • Seagrass Rug Repairs
  • Patch work Rug Repairs
  • Overdyed Rug Repairs
  • Hand tufted Rug Repairs
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  • Viscose Rug Repairs
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  • Machine made Rug Repairs
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