Rug Fringe Repairs

Rug Fringe Repairing by Machine:

Rug Fringe Repairing by hand:

Rug Fringe Replacement :

We do rug fringe repairs for hand made and machine made rugs. We also have rug weaving machine what can re wave rug fringes with any color yarn we set up with. please give us a call for your rug fringe repairing.

Rug Fringe : so what is rug fringe?  its extended parts of the rug what hanging out with the rug edges with certain style. The look and waving style depends on rug to rug and how they made.

Hand made rug fringes: Handmade rug fringes in most cases are the the extended continuous basement of the rug hanging with the edges of the rug with certain type tye. But eventually fringes is the part of the rug where it is main basement wich holding the entire rugs fibe and pattern. So this fringes holding the rug like a building needs Iron for its construction.

Machine made fringes: Machine made rug fringes are most of the cases is like accessories hanging with the rug for decoration. it is usually not a continuous basement of the rug.

Type of machine made fringe. Because its not part of the rug basement, so it can be many types just bring beauty in the rug and comfort. But common machine made rug fringes we see in the market.

Machinemade Fringes type:

A. A machine waved fringe tape with decorative shape design and color attached with stitching or tufting through out the rug edges .

B. A Selected yarn waved  through rug edges with a style how rug designer decided to make the product. This kind of tassels is can be re edged with many alternative options.

Rug Fringe cleaning : Rug Fringes a decorative and stylish part of the rug and its usually gets notice the dirt  before than actual rug. So , Fringe is the part also we put more attention to clean when we do basic clean of the rug and that’s now they stats wear tear easier than main pattern part of the rug .

So, how to clean rug fringes and tassels ? Rug Fringe cleaning depends on how they attached with the rug and the fibres they waved with. If the rug fringes are made by nylon a good soapy wash can to a clean condition. if the finger is cotton than also a good soapy wash can brig them to a nicer condition. But it is good not to use any strong cleaning product to clean rug fringes . because that product can make the bibre weak and that is quicker way they fall a part from the rug . so even you did not mage to take some stains out of the rug fringes . we should leave it as long as it is clean . When we use vacuum cleaning to clean a rug, when comes the part for fringe vacuuming its need to be the safest way to vacuum the rug fringe otherwise they can be caught by vacuum cleaner and slowly they will come a part.

Rug Fringe Repairs Services :

  • Handmade  Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Handwoven  Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Hand Tufted Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Persian Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Oriental Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Silk Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Jute rug continuous Fringe Repairs
  • Seagrass continuous or attached Fringe Repairs
  • Hand tufted Fringe Repairs
  • Wool Rug wool or cotton Fringe Repairs
  • Handmade Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Cotton Rug  special tie Fringe Repairs
  • Kilim Rug hand tie Fringe Repairs
  • Turkish Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Kashmiri Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Pakistani Rug Fringe Repairs
  • kyrgyz Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Afghanistan Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Nepal Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Indian Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Chinese Rug Fringe Repairs
  • kazakhstan Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Turkmenistan Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Turkish Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Peruvian Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Azerbaijan Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Moroccan Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Tunisian Rug Fringe Repairs
  • African Rug Fringe Repairs
  • Hemp Rug basement continuous Fringe Repairs
  • Shaggy Rug attached Fringe Repairs

If you have a rug that existing fringes coming a part and you want to repair them we can repair the rug fringe for you as well as cleaning. Thank you