Double sided wool rug (Kilim) Hand wash :

Double Sided Wool Rug Cleaning: Rug Cleaning for double sided wool or wool viscose mix kilim rugs.

Type of Double Sided Rug Cleaning

  • Wool Kilim rug cleaning
  • Jute double sided rug cleaning
  • Hemp two sided rug cleaning
  • Turkish Hand made kilim rug cleaning
  • Indian Hand made Dari rug Cleaning
  • Thick blanket rug cleaning

Double sided rug cleaning process:

We wash rugs like how we wash cloths after using them to reuse and enjoy the freshness.

now rug washing process is depend on fibre

a. rug fibre  b. rug waving style  c. rug dye  d. rug current condition,

the goal is same for each and every rug cleaning is to keep the original and by washing to make the fresh and clean.

So we organised a warehouse from our many years experience to wash clean repair any type and every type of rugs. at least until now we can say that we will be able to clean repair your rug , unless you give us something that we never done it before.

we come to work to repair resize clean and wash your rug . please give us a call today. 02 91702836 Thank you