Moroccan rug cleaning

Moroccan Rugs : Moroccan rugs are usually long thick wool pile cotton basement very unique pattern made by hand . This type of rugs usually bring in home very comfort and beautiful decoration.

Type of moroccan rugs:

  • Azilal
  • Boujad
  • Beni Ourain
  • Beni Mguild
  • Boucherouite
  • Kilim
  • and many more

How to look after moroccan rugs : The proper vacuuming keep the fibre fresh and keep safe from wool eater(moths) . If possible wash the with professionals when you think the rug needs clean. If you drop anything , before you try to clean the best will be make it dry first and take the next step for cleaning . a professional will know the cleaning process based the rug current condition.

Storing moroccan rugs : its not very good idea to store morccan rugs after using without clean for long time. its best to clean and store with professional instruction.

Moroccan Rug Washing : The way to clean a moroccan rug is Hand Wash. A professional moroccan rug will know the best way to bring the best result for moroccan rug hand wash. you can also clean by yourself if you know how to clean them. the best part is to dry them on time .

If you have a moroccan rug and you looking for washing , the service you will give you , you will know when you see your rug after cleaning . our moroccan rug cleaning services comes with 100% Satisfaction Warranty.

Moroccan rug Repairs: We also repair moroccan rugs. just give us a call or best is if you see the rug, then we can give you the best price in order to have job.

Moroccan rug resize : we also resize moroccan rugs. We resize moroccan rug by hand and my machine. Machine resize options are many times cheaper than original way to get it done. Please give us a call to 02 91702836. thank you