Rug Red Wine Cleaning

Rug Red Wine Cleaning : Rug Red wine cleaning depends on rug to rug. if the rug is nylon then it can be removed as like you never knew that there was red wine stain before. If the fibre is wool, silk , viscose bamboo silk then it also depends on rug existing dye thickness and what you did after red wine on your rug. if you drop red wine on rug , best option is dry the rug with cloths or towel before you take any steps, that will help you to get the stain out of the rug, when take to rug cleaner or any step that best suits with you .

if the fibre is natural than also try to dry it as much as you can before try to do anything . if you try to clean it and not dry it at the same time and red wine still in the rug that may can make stain bigger than removing and that reason stain gets permanent in the rug. From our experience ,  red wine stain cleaning from rugs is best option is to wash the rug completely. of course it depends on rug to rug and the explanation we writing here is from our experience and also how we act with when we clean rugs and work tools we use. it may not work for you same you might think . so please try with your won risk . we will not be responsible if you read from our website and try to do by your won. the information we are writing here this is the way we find best for us when we want to remove red wine stain from a rug. But If you give us your rug than we give you 100% warranty on our work. 

so, rug red wine cleaning from sisal jute sea grass is come with very satisfactory result. most of the time it goes away over 90% stain. you can have best result if you try to dry instant instead of washing unless you know what you doing.

so , if you have a rug needs to remove red wine from it . after we looking at your rug we can tell you straight way the result you may looking to have and that is what we will deliver to you . as we have washed thousands of rugs and trained and worked with experts who spent many many years in this trade. Your rug is our work and that is our passion.

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