Rug Moth Cleaning (Treatment)

Rug Moths Cleaning (Treatment): If you have a rug that got Moths, eggs and larvae, we get the rug moth free traditional way without using anything on it. Our Moth treatment comes with 100% satisfaction warranty.

First of all, We are not a pest control company . So we don’t kill moths from your rugs. We just clean the rug traditional way and that’s how moths goes away from your rugs.

If you have a natural fibre rugs thats got affected by moths, moths need to be driven out of the rug . otherwise they will keep going their business in where they made house. Probably a pest control company will know how to control moths. But if you give us your rugs for cleaning that already has moths in it , the way we will wash and clean your rugs,  will have moth free 99% And in the washing process we don’t use anything to drive moths from your rugs. they just go away the way we wash your rugs.

  • So why they come to rugs?   Answer: if you have a rug that is hidden under furniture or the area hardly gets any traffic on it or back of the rug that you have not clean recently or the rug simply sitting in one place long enough for moths to come and make a house in it, and that is how they get in it.
  • How to not welcome moths in rugs?   Answer : A Regular good vacuuming is the best to keep rugs out of moths. So when we do vacuuming , we need to make sure the complete rug got vacuumed properly including the back of the rug. if the rug fibre is thick and long pile like moroccan rugs and handmade wool rugs or shaggy rugs. In this case the rugs needs very nice vacuuming or the process that how complete rug is got attention to keep moth free and nice and fresh.
  • Remember, 99% time you won’t find moth in fresh carpet. But Fresh carpet can be a very nice house for moths if we allow them. so, when we use a rug or carpet and keep it in the storage or not clean enough or comfort  enough for moths , fibre wise they will usually comes and make a nest in it. So best is to clean the rug proper clean before storage.  and pack it the way the rug will not have affected by moths. after while please unpack the rug and check the rug condition. that is how you will ensure a moth free rug.

So In Summary , the best way to keep rugs moths free

  • Keep clean the rug with very nice vacuuming including back of the rug making sure that your rugs fibers are clean and no space for moths to make  house in it.
  • If possible after cleaning , keep the rug in sunshine for while (top and back side). That’s how a clean rugs fibre gets moisture free and not very nice place for moths to make house.( too much sun shine  can change your rug permanently ).


Type of rugs and moth cleaning

  • Wool rug moths cleaning
  • Wool and mix fibre rugs moths cleaning
  • Natural fibre rug moths cleaning
  • Sisal rugs moths cleaning
  • Silk rugs Moths cleaning
  • Handmade vegetable Dye rugs moths cleaning
  • Moroccan Rug Moths cleaning
  • Persian Rugs Moths cleaning
  • Oriental Rugs Moths cleaning
  • Indian Rugs Moths cleaning
  • handmade rugs moths cleaning
  • Hand Tufted rugs moths cleaning
  • Kilim Rugs moths Cleaning
  • Turkish Rug Moths cleaning
  • Nepal rug Moths cleaning
  • Afghani Rugs Moths cleaning
  • Vintage Rugs Moths cleaning
  • Patchwork rugs Moths cleaning

Simply if you have a rug and you noticed that its got moths in it, if we can manage to take the rug in our warehouse and can keep for enough time to do the service ,we will work with that rug carpet kilim or wall rug to have moths free traditional way. Please give us a call today for more information. It’s 02 91702836 or send us an email to or simply just come to our store . Thank you